Business partners and/or business deals always start off with the greatest of intentions. Unfortunately, things often change in such a way that dictate attorney involvement. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes ranging from partners separating from each other to disagreements over the terms of a contract. A “business divorce” or fight over money is never easy, so we work with our clients to identify the most cost-effective strategy that will result in a timely resolution of their dispute.

Contracts and insurance policies can often be as complicated, confusing and convoluted as any legal document when it comes to determining what is covered by the policy – and what is not. At Frederick & Beckers, we offer attorneys who are highly experienced in matters of contract and insurance coverage. And as versatile litigation attorneys, we have experience in representing businesses, insurance companies and individuals in these matters.

Our attorneys have the skill and experience to handle all aspects of contractual and insurance coverage disputes and complex questions of law. These issues can range from inquiries into whether a policy exists to what the policy covers, discovery disputes, privileged documents, insurance policy interpretation, late notice, bad faith claims and a wide range of related matters.

Whether you are in a contract dispute or an insurance company in need of plaintiff mitigation services or a policyholder involved in an insurance coverage dispute – we invite you to contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.